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Meet Turner

Special Needs Dog

Turner has a grade 4 heart murmur and While this isn't affecting him at all at the moment he could require treatment and/or have a shortened lifespan if he develops problems in the future

Turner is a lovely big dog who was saved from death row after 17 days in the pound when nobody came to claim him. He loves to play fetch and tug..though with fetch we are working on the give command as he seems keen to combine the two games, he fetches, you tug !! Turner is proving to be very tolerant and well socialised with other dogs. He knows basic obedience commands Sit Drop Shake. He loves to be with you so in the yard Come is not much of an issue..if he sees you he will be there. He also loves car rides and walks nicely on lead. He is generally quiet but will give a warning bark if people are about. Turner will need an owner who is confident and preferably experienced with large dogs, due to his size he needs to have firm, consistent handling so he doesn't forget his manners !! Turner is housetrained and very well behaved inside the house, he has not shown any aggression but is a little 'over interested' in my cat when she is moving around so does need to be closely supervised around cats. Turner is such a gorgeous loving boy who will make a loyal and protective companion. He would be ideal for a person or family who is looking for a dog who has all the hard work done for them, he does not require much exercise at all though he does enjoy a short walk and playing ball, his main needs are for love and attention !!! Oh and food of course !!

Turner was adopted on 21 August 2007 after 1 year in foster care

  • Mastiff x
  • male
  • 17 October 2002
  • $250
  • 01 August 2006
  • 21 August 2007

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