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Meet Matilda

We were lucky enough to know Matilda's name when she arrived as she responds to instructions best when her name is said before the instruction. Matilda is amazingly well behaved. She heels so well when out on a walk that you don't realise she's there. She comes when called even if she is intent on watching the possum in the tree that teases her every night. Matilda gets on really well with our large dog. They can play and run together for ages. I'm not sure how she would get on with a small dog. She ignored one we met on a walk but barked at another (If I was a dog I would bark at that one myself). Matilda has been very good with the teenage kids in our family as well as the adults and welcomes every stranger into the place with a great deal of affection after she has barked loudly at them. She was good when my neice and nephew aged 4 and 6 visited but they wern't here for a long time to guage properly how she responded with young children but she did let the 4 year old hang around her neck without a problem. Matilda would be one of the happiest dogs I have ever met. She loves to be around people, but has never been a problem when we wern't home

there haven't been any plants uprooted, objects destroyed etc. Matilda loves to retrieve soft toys as well as balls. We have a cat that tends to tease the dogs and Matilda has shown a keen interest in being with the cat. She hasn't harmed the cat but I wouldn't leave them together on their own as she sits very intently watching the cat and avoiding any swipes when she gets too close. I suspect that she lived with a cat at her last home. Matilda chases any bird that lands on the ground outside but has shown no interest in our large pet bird at home. Matilda is very intelligent and learns new commands very quickly. At the moment she is being taught to roll over when asked to. Matilda has eaten anything that we have fed her so is not a problem with feeding. She is also easy to give medications to and lets you put them in her mouth without a problem. Although an active dog, Matilda is not hyperactive. She has been sleeping outside at night but would be more than happy to stay inside and is house-trained. Matilda really is a fantastic dog.

Matilda was adopted on 24 February 2007 after 1 month in foster care

  • Kelpie x Mastiff
  • female
  • 01 September 2004
  • $250
  • 19 January 2007
  • 24 February 2007

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