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Meet Pastel, Apricot, Smokey


Apricot is a very funny kitten! She makes out she doesn't want to be cuddled and runs away. However once caught, she'll lie in your lap for hours purring and enjoying your attention. She loves to explore the house and find strange places to fall asleep in

like under pillows or in the shower. She also enjoys playing with her sisters and any toys you provide her. She would be better as an 'only' cat so she can develop her personality to refect her stunning beauty.


This lovely looking girl, with delicate markings and a pale tabby coat, is a very easy going kitten. She likes to explore her surroundings, however she also enjoys curing up to her humans while watching TV. She's very quiet and purrs as soon as she is picked up. Smokey also loves playing with her siblings and being mothered by her foster mum 'Martha'. She would make a fantastic edition to a family who already has other animals or could also be adopted as an 'only' cat.


Pastel is a shy when meeting new people, however there is a friendly and outgoing kitten waiting to be descovered. While she does love a scratch under the chin and a cuddle now and then she would be best suited to an adult household that can give her some one on one attention. She is extremely pretty, very playful and a delight to watch playing with her toys and siblings. She will be a cuddly, very affectionate girl in the right home.

Pastel, Apricot, Smokey was adopted on 28 January 2007 after 2 months in foster care

  • DSH
  • female
  • 01 October 2006
  • tabby, calico, pale calico and
  • $125
  • 15 November 2006
  • 28 January 2007

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