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Meet Zoe

Zoe came into care with her sibling Holly. Being a Collie she is highly intelligent and does loves to run and chase anything that moves, balls, toys, birds, butterflies, bubbles, she even tries to catch the house flies. She likes to be active so would benefit greatly by using that brain power and expending energy in concentrated sessions like FlyBall or some such activity. She gets along really well with all dogs we've met, she can be a little nervous even and is even a little submissive to other dogs on meeting. She has some funny little quirks I've noticed, bus shelters and telephone booths seem to bother her, she shies away from them. As a confident owner/leader she will be easily retrained, she looks to you for that leadership and after several relaxed passes of the objects she sees there's nothing to be afraid of and starts relax herself. She loves company so another doggie friend would be the great. Zoe is great with kids, likes a long walk and has learnt to walk loose lead now, rather that weave and duck around behind you (per normal Collie herding behavior) She's good with her food bowl but runs away with the chews and thinks you'll take it off her if you try to pat her while enjoying a treat. She travels well in the car and would suit a very active family who will work her mind and keep her active, she won't do well in a yard all day on her own while you work. If you feel you can offer Zoe a great home then call me to discuss adoption.

Zoe was adopted on 26 September 2011 after 1 weeks in foster care

  • female
  • 28 May 2008
  • border collie
  • $500
  • 17 September 2011
  • 26 September 2011

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