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Meet Tom

Tom, or Tommo as he is affectionately known is a fun dog - happy, healthy, and loves people. He is well mannered and attended puppy and obedience school before coming to us. Tommo is a medium size dog that we think has reached his true size, he is a little taller and slimmer than the average cattle dog with a lovely smile and hairy looking coat. Tommo is enthusiastic and can't wait to see you when you come home, loves pats and hugs, and is happy to peacefully sleep the evening away in his dog bed while you go about your tasks. Tom is socialized and enjoys playing fetch with his ball at the leash free park, or chasing and wrestling with the other foster dogs and pups he now lives with. As he is adaptable, Tommo would suit both an only dog situation where he would have lots of love and attention, or as a companion to other pets. Initially a much loved pet, Tommo was sadly surrendered by his first family who were too busy to care for him long-term, and wanted to give him a better a life. His foster home is only the second home he has ever had, and we have all of Tommo's vet paperwork from 9 weeks old. His carers would like him to find a stable forever home where he can truly belong, and be loved for the wonderful dog that he is.

Tom was adopted on 11 October 2006 after 2 months in foster care

  • Cattle Dog x
  • male
  • 25 July 2005
  • $220
  • 25 July 2006
  • 11 October 2006

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Last updated: 25 July 2006