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Meet Salem

is a pretty easy going sort of guy and is no trouble at all. He's quite friendly with everyone right away. When he meets you he will rub himself against you and give a little meow to say hello. He really loves to be patted and gently scratched behind his ears, on his cheeks and under his chin. When you stop he will politely ask you to give him more pats by meowing and stretching out his neck for more. He loves his food and will tell you when it's time for dinner. His meowing is not incessant though he only quietly meows when he's trying to tell you something which is funny like he thinks he can talk. It can be fun trying to figure out what each meow means. He's interested in what's going on around him and will sometimes follow you from room to room. When he's got a nice full belly and it's time for a nap he's either on a chair next to you, laying stretched out across the floor or he may decide your lap looks just right and settles to sleep on you. Salem is pretty wary of dogs and doesn't really like them at present but he is becoming more curious about them since none of the dogs he currently lives with are a danger to him. He enjoys catching flying insects and sunning himself near a window. Overall Salem is a pretty even tempered cat, relaxed and easy to handle. He is litter trained.

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Salem was adopted on 08 October 2006 after 2 weeks in foster care

  • DMH
  • male
  • 20 September 2005
  • black
  • $85
  • 25 September 2006
  • 08 October 2006

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