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Meet Stripey

Special Needs Cat

If you are looking for a cat that adores people and is extremely affectionate then Stripey could be the one for you. She is the type of cat that will make friends instantly with all she meets, her favourite place is curled up under your chin getting cuddles. She is BRILLANT with small children and will happily be carted around for hours being held like a baby and played with. Stripey is great with other cats and makes friends quickly with new cats. She is THE most loving, friendly girl and is happy being inside only or inside/outside.

However, Stripey is a special needs cat due to a bout of cat flu when she was much younger. While not contagious at all, she is now a permanent sufferer. This can mean that at times of stress her symptoms can re-appear but the real problem is that she makes a snuffley noise when she breathes. This does not affect her in anyway in terms of her general health but does mean that care needs to be taken if ever she requires an anesthetic. Unfortunately medications have failed to clear the congestion and it looks like something she will have for the rest of her life. So she is looking for someone who can look (or listen) past the breathing noises she makes and that someone will be rewarded with the most lovely, adoring little girl!

Stripey was adopted on 17 August 2006 after 6 months in foster care

  • DSH
  • female
  • 25 November 2005
  • brown and grey tabby
  • $125
  • 21 January 2006
  • 17 August 2006

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