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Meet Missy

Missy is a delightful little dog who is fully of energy and loves to play. The more you get to know her the more you get to love her. She loves playing with toys but most of all she loves playing with the other dogs in her pack, regardless of their size. If you are looking for a companion for your dog or someone to take with you when you go for a jog or a good walk Missy would be ideal. She requires someone who can give her all of the exercise she needs to keep her happy.

She is shy with strangers and also when she is in unfamiliar territory so she needs someone who can instill her with confidence. The more she is exposed to strange situations and allowed to see there is nothing to be scared about the better she gets. Given her high energy levels she is not suitable for young children and also not suitable as a stay at home dog as she needs exercise. Although she has not had much formal training she bonds well and will come when called. I've always preferred medium size dogs like kelpies and staffies but Missy is just such a special little girl I've grown so very very fond of her. She's a little dog with a whole lot of personality. Missy weighs 3.8kg

Missy was adopted on 04 November 2013 after 1 year in foster care

  • Terrier x
  • female
  • 20 June 2011
  • $400
  • North Strathfield
  • 11 October 2012
  • 04 November 2013

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Last updated: 04 November 2013