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Meet Bonnie

Words from her carer 2/6/12: It is such a sad day. I had to say goodbye to dear old sweet Bonnie girl. In December 2010 she was dumped at Blacktown Pound so old, so underweight, so matted and riddled with fleas. I brought her up there to the Country and took her to my lovely vet where it was established that she had cancer and it was expected that she only had maybe 6 months. 18 months later she had put on 10 kilos and had the most beautiful coat. She was a truly beautiful gentle soul who was so happy here where she was loved, looked after and everywhere I went she was right behind me. She would have followed me to the end of the earth and on some of our walks I think she must have thought I had taken her there. I can still hear her stressed barking every time I left here and she would come running trying to be the 1st to greet me when I came home. RIP sweet baby, I love you beautiful Bonnie and will miss you so much. Her ashes will be here next week, back to the home that she loved. Update 8/8/11: Despite the odds Bonnie is still going. She has masses of tumours in her abdomen now but it has not affected her at all yet. She is still eating so well, wandering around in her own little world, in fact several times she has wandered into the bush and I have had to chase her and shout at the top of my voice to get her attention and she turns and looks at me like 'what's your problem I know where I am' and then looks around and thinks 'how did I get down here' and slowly meanders back to the house. She is here in the study with me now with her jacket on that I am not allowed to take off her otherwise she follows me constantly until I put it back on and then she wanders off, she is such a funny little thing. The cancer is growing but she is not giving into it and is still the very independent Miss who will still have a go at them if they run into her when they are playing or worse still if they get on her bed, she stands and stares at them until they move, no matter how long it takes :)

This poor old girl came out of Blacktown pound last Friday (3/12/10). She was crawling with fleas and so encrusted with flea dirt that she had to have 2 baths as it was so bad it was taking more than 1 hour at a time and she was just so over it, you could not see the skin on her legs for the flea dirt.

When we took Bonnie to the vets for a check-up they found that she has an inoperable massive tumour in her abdomen and is not long for this earth.

This is just terrible treatment of this lovely old girl, who is the most docile and loving creature that you could find. For her to be so neglected and discarded at this time in her life when she is dying, especially when the owners would have been aware that she was ill as she has massive folds of skin that look like bulbous growths from her losing so much weight so quickly, is unforgivable.

She loves being inside although having lots of accidents because of the tumour pressing on her bladder and her favourite pastime is playing musical dog beds and going for walks with the other dogs that are now her family.

She will stay in care with a DCH carer for the rest of her days.

If you can help us by sponsoring some of Bonnie's expenses, which include to date grooming and flea expenses and ongoing vet consults and pain relief, please call Megan on 9627 2767 or email dchanimaladoptions@iprimus.com.au or click below.

Thank you to Terry and Karen, Kersti, Daniela, Nicole, Gail, Kelli and Hayley for their generous donations. Bonnie's expenses to date have now been covered.

Cheques can be sent to DCH Animal Adoptions 44 Dingle St Riverstone NSW 2765

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