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Meet Tommy

Sadly Tommy lost his battle with cancer on 6/1/11. He was put to sleep with his carer and family by his side. RIP Tommy!

Update 9/1/2010: Sadly Tommy's run of medical bad luck is continuing and has taken a turn for the worse. Tommy was diagnosed with untreatable cancer of the mouth after 2 large tumours were found on his gums. The tumours are growing and his condition is being monitored to ensure he isn't in too much pain or discomfort. For now he is resting at his carers home where he feels very much loved and safe and they will continue to care for him until his condition worsens.

Tommy's tests and initial hospitalisation have come to $585. If you can assist with sponsorship for some of these costs please contact us or click on the donate button below Tommy knows he isn't the best looking man in town, looking much older than his actual age. But, he also knows that looks aren't everything. Tommy is a beautiful, no frills, no fuss, affectionate cat that happily gives you a croaky meow when he sees you. Tommy is not really a lap cat but adores having behind his ears scratched and enjoys lots of attention.

Tommy was hit by a car on 29/5/05. He has a fractured skull, torn ligament in his knee and a tear in his bladder. He is extrememly lucky to have survived and now we just have to wait for his injuries to heal themselves. The vets think that with time he will make a full recovery however it is unknown how well his knee ligament will heal. Update 14/11/06: Tommy has suffered from Urinary Tract Infections and due to the severity of the problem he will need to be on a special diet for the rest of his life. He requires Hills Science Diet C/D and we are seeking sponsors to help us cover this ongoing cost. Either by physical donations of food or with donations to help us cover the cost of purchasing this food. If you can help then please contact Megan on 9627 2767 or Click here to make a donation now: Update 7/1/2010: Poor Tom has had more bad news. He's been diagonosed with inoperable cancer after two tumours were discovered in his gums. Pathology has confirmed this diagnosis. Tom is now living out his days at his carers place where he is very comfortable and has received a lot of love over the past 5 years.

Thank you to Lynne, Stacey, Gayle, Irena, Ann and Terry and Karen Johnson, Jan, Leonie and Helen for their generous donations towards Tommy's treatment. At present Tommy's vet fees have been fully covered.

Cheques can be sent to DCH Animal Adoptions 44 Dingle St Riverstone NSW 2765

  • DSH
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  • ginger

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