Meet Nacho

Introducing Nacho. A short little fella with funny-looking feet, big bright eyes and a heart full of love!

Nacho is a 2 year old Dachshund cross Beagle Bitsa....Bits of this breed, and bits of that.

He is a lovely dog who has recently come into care as a skinny boy from a country pound after his previous owners weren't able to pick him up. It seems that Nacho was never taught what a ball was, or what a cat was, or how to socialise politely with other dogs.
He seems clever and is very responsive to training, and is rapidly acclimatizing to the cats at his foster home. Here is a video of him on day 4 of being introduced to the foster cats at home:

  • He walks really well on the lead, and thoroughly enjoys his daily walks with his foster carer. He seems to have decent recall, and is already starting to learn his name.
    At the dog park, Nacho sometimes gets excited and wants to join in on the fun with other dogs, but he hasn't been taught how to introduce himself to other dogs politely, and the best way to interact. So we are working on his socialisation skills.

    Adventures at dog park on day 4 of being in care - Part 1:

  • Day 4 - Part 2:

  • Nacho is very gentle when accepting treats from your hand, and absolutely LOVES couch snuggles. He will happily snooze by your feet on the bed overnight, however at his foster home we are teaching him to sleep on his dogbed on the floor. He has an easy-care coat, and an inquisitive and eager personality. He is also toilet-trained, and requires a home where he is allowed to be inside and part of the family.

    Since coming into care, Nacho has been vet checked, desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, de-flead and wormed. He's put on a healthy amount of weight since being with us, and is settling in well to home life, while he waits for his forever home.

    Currently located in Randwick, NSW

    Nacho was adopted on 26 April 2019 after 1 month in foster care

    • Dachshund x Beagle mix
    • male
    • 01 March 2017
    • Tan
    • Medium (15kg)
    • $350
    • Randwick
    • 04 March 2019
    • 26 April 2019

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