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Meet Pepper

Pepper is THE most beautiful and gentle cat I have ever had the pleasure of fostering. Pepper is Nelson's mother but has adopted all of the kittens I foster as her own. She will often be seen grooming them and sharing her food even though they have already eaten.Despite being dumped when she was pregnant, Pepper is relaxed and friendly. She gets on extremely well with my own cat and to see them both sitting together on their chairs on the back patio or snuggling together on a cat bed in the sun is really heart warming. In fact, the two are now nick-named Ma and Pa Kettle.Pepper loves being outdoors and only comes in at night to eat and sleep. She is a great hunter and has caught me a large rat as well as one for the next door neighbour. Although Pepper gets along with the other cats here, as well as my two young children, she is quite timid of my dog and tends to stay out of her way. Yet if she feels the kittens are under threat from my dog she will come to their rescue and won't back down until my dog has walked away.Pepper is not at all fussy with her food and is litter trained.Pepper would suit living with a single person, a couple or a family. She would be happiest being able to spend her days outdoors while coming indoors at night.

Pepper was unfortunately attacked by a stray cat which resulted in an abscess on her back which left her unable to walk. She required an emergency operation to remove the abscess and she was left with a drain which was removed last week.Thankfully she is now making a full recovery.

Pepper's vet fees so far have come to $400. If you can help us cover some of these additional vet costs please call Megan on 9627 2767 or email dchanimaladoptions@iprimus.com.au or click below.

Thank you to Jan for her very generous donation towards Pepper. Her vet fees have now been fully covered.

Pepper was adopted on 26 December 2010 after 7 months in foster care

Pepper has sadly had additional veterinary expenses due to illness or injury. We are seeking sponsorship for Pepper to help us cover some of those additional costs.

To help sponsor Pepper you can donate securely online using the Give Now or Paypal on the links below.

Alternatively, you can contact us on 1300-88-93-40 or cheques can be sent to DCH Animal Adoptions, 44 Dingle St Riverstone NSW 2765.

  • female
  • 05 May 2009
  • torti
  • $125
  • 23 May 2010
  • 26 December 2010

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