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Meet Vader

15/7/2020 - Update - Vader has received just under 100 applications for adoption. We are currently reviewing all the applications received to date and will be in contact with a few specific people to narrow down the search for his forever home. His profile has been placed on hold while we review applications.

Vader is a Pugalier who is ¾ Pug and ¼ Cavalier. He is a beautiful natured dog who is a very loyal companion. He loves attention and company and enjoys a good walk. Vader has been an indoors dog with access to the outdoors. He has grown up with a Labrador and recently while in foster has had a Beaglier for company. Vader is still young and loves to play and can be a very active in his play.

He gets along well with kids and other dogs. He is very curious and always entertaining.

He needs a home where he will get lots of love, attention and exercise. He needs an active home to give him the attention that he needs. He needs daily exercise and lots of social interaction.

During Covid, he has been isolated in a home and has not received the exercise or training that he needs. Vader is not fully toilet trained but he has been routine trained and will go outside first thing in the morning to do his business. He still has a few accidents but it’s a vast improvement on when he first arrived. Vader has a puppy pad inside at night just in case he cannot hold it.

Vader does have separation anxiety issues and struggles when left alone. The first week when he arrived into care was quite difficult and there were a few sleepless nights as he adjusted to a new home and new environment. He constantly wants to be with you for company and does not like being left in a room on his own. He is suitable for a home where someone is home more often then not and won’t be adopted out to a home where the owners are at work full time and he would be left alone.

Vader is very food driven and will eat anything put in front of him. He needs a slow me down bowl to slow his eating. He is best on a grain free diet as he was originally gassy etc until we moved him to a grain free diet.

Vader has learnt some basic commands like Sit, Toilet (which is a work in progress) and is starting to get Shake. He still needs further on-going training and socialisation. His personality is a little stubborn but with repetition he can be trained.

Vader has had his 3 vaccinations and has been recently desexed. He has received regular worming treatments and has been treated for fleas. He is in good health however there are some common breed aliments that you need to be aware of prior to adopting Vader. Please read the breed information at the bottom of the profile and make sure you have researched the breed to ensure you understand Vader’s breed.

Expressions of interest in adopting Vader are welcome. When expressing interest, please provide as much information about yourself, your home, your dog experience, your work routine/hours and any other pets that you have. We will select our top few expressions of interest and enter into conversations about Vader and will arrange for a meet and greet with a select few people to eventually find him a home that is suitable for his needs. His listing maybe placed on hold once we have received sufficient expressions of interest to allow our part-time volunteer to assess the applications. Meet and Greets will only be possible to the selected few and will take place outside of business hours or on the weekends.

Vader is located in the Quakers Hill Area.
Not available for interstate adoptions.
Meet and greets must be attended in person prior adoption. A home visit maybe required to ensure the home is suitable for Vader.
Covid-19 distancing rules are in place for meet and greets.

Breed Information for Reference

Vader was adopted on 22 July 2020 after 1 month in foster care

  • Pugalier
  • male
  • 28 October 2019
  • Black
  • Small
  • $700
  • Acacia Gardens
  • 14 June 2020
  • 22 July 2020

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