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Meet Stitch

Stitch is a beautiful 9 year old Labrador X Mastiff. He is an absolute gentleman and is so gentle.

Through no fault of his own, he is looking for a new home with a new family to take him through his senior years. He would be suited to many families, is very gentle so could be suitable for young children, and is great with other dogs. In fact, Stitch has grown up with another dog so only homes with other dogs will be considered to help keep the transition smooth for him. This would likely help with his current separation anxiety, Stitch did not have this at his old home so it is likely that the big changes have led to it - once he gains back his routine and a doggy friend, we hope this will reduce back down again.

A large backyard would be ideal for Stitch - his favourite game is fetch. He will use anything available to play fetch with, and will not stop unless they are taken away! As a result, plenty of room to keep running and fit would be great for him, and someone who makes sure he doesn't overdo it as well as he gets too hot and doesn't stop! Stitch LOVES water, and so it would be wonderful if his family would be able to take him regularly to beaches and water so that he can keep cool whilst still playing fetch!

Stitch is great on the lead - he starts off a little bit strong just as he is excited, but soon calms down and walks really well.

In his old home, Stitch was outside during the day and inside at night. A place where he is able to choose between whether he goes outside or inside is essential. He certainly loves a good lounge snuggle, so that would also be lovely for him!

Stitch is desexed, microchipped and will be up to date on vaccinations, worming and flea treatment when he is adopted. Please contact his foster carer, Gemma, on 0435939858 to find out more about Stitch and meet him.

Stitch was adopted on 29 October 2020 after 4 weeks in foster care

  • Labrador X Mastiff
  • male
  • 30 September 2011
  • Black and white
  • Large
  • $350
  • Denham Court
  • 03 October 2020
  • 29 October 2020

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Last updated: 29 October 2020