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Meet Boots

Boots was found by a ranger, he was all alone and scared, abandoned in the Penrith area.
When he came into my care, he was so dirty, full of fleas, and quite malnourished.
The poor baby needed 3 baths before the water would run clear, thankfully, with medicine, quality food, and good old TLC he is now healthy, happy, and super playful.

He came into my care along with 3 other kittens and once they were all clean and safe they instantly huddled together for a nice warm and safe nap.
Boots being a little older than the others and the only male took on the big brother role and showed his new siblings ‘how to kitten’.
He is a smart boy, he taught his foster sisters how to use the litter tray and make forts out of blankets, and they became a close happy playful little family.

The sedentary lifestyle is not for Boots, he likes to be active or exhausted.
He needs attention, he is happiest when he can chase and play with interactive toys, he really is such a fun kitten, he is starting to be more talkative too, he would make a great friend for children or other pets.
Boots has become quite attached to his foster siblings and has not spent any time apart from them, so it may take some time to adjust to a new home, he will need a patient family that can give him lots of love and attention.

He loves to play with toys that make sounds and will jump and climb on anything, he also loves sitting on the highest level of the cat tower, or in the hammock, and even though they can’t all really fit, all four of them curl up for a nap together. “If I fits, I sits”

Boots has been raised as an indoor-only cat, so he will need to go into an indoors-only home.
He has been microchipped, vaccinated, treated for fleas, and worms, and is now desexed, ready to find his forever home.
He is located in the Penrith area.

Boots was adopted on 23 April 2022 after 2 months in foster care

  • Domestic Short Hair
  • male
  • 25 December 2021
  • Champagne/Fawn
  • $225
  • Penrith Area
  • 26 January 2022
  • 23 April 2022

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Last updated: 12 June 2022