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Meet Teddy

Teddie is a beautiful, placid and gentle boy. Having been neglected for the past year, he has piled on the weight and his coat was very dry and dull. Since he came into care, he is slowly losing the weight and his coat is glorious and shining. With a vast improvement in the quality of his food, and soft bedding, lots of TLC and trips to the dog park, Teddie has really come out of his shell. He is very friendly, loves adults and kids and follows his foster carer around continually. He shows complete disinterest in anything feline. He walks very well on lead, is perfectly housetrained and typically Labrador, loves his water. After a long walk he will come home and usually place his paws one at a time in his water bowl. He is non-destructive, having not ripped anything apart, he usually has a toy or a ball in his mouth when he greets you at the door. The only concern I have for him is that he is quite anxious when he is first left alone, regardless of how many canine companions he has with him, how many toys are left with him or how long a walk he goes on in the morning, but this is becoming under control, the new owner will need some patience in this area. This boy will only go to a home who can truly appreciate this most precious young fella.

Teddy was adopted on 12 November 2009 after 1 month in foster care

  • Labrador
  • male
  • 01 October 2004
  • $400
  • 16 September 2009
  • 12 November 2009

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