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Ilona (Itsy)

Ilona (Itsy)

domestic can - female - 2 years

Ilona is a very shy little girl. She has very nice personality but I believe she is one of those cats that will thrive as a companion. She doesn't like too much noise and is not cuddly, lap cat. However she makes you calm and like her despite everything. She can be fussy eater and is not keen on fish. she likes to play in the garden with other cats.

Ilona (Itsy) has been in foster care since 13 August 2022, for 1.3 years



DSH - male - 1 year and 4 months

Oz is one of the most loving cats we have ever cared for; he is a confident and quirky little guy who loves to greet guests at the door and is incredibly friendly and sociable. He is eager to make new friends, has been a caring and playful big brother to all of his foster siblings, and is great with children. He craves love and attention, always seeking out his humans for pick-ups and belly rubs and he’ll return the affection with cuddles and kisses.

Despite being born with a mild congenital defect, Oz is a healthy and active cat who loves to spend his days adventuring and entertaining. When he was younger he would sometimes become short of breath during crazy kitten zoomies, but with a healthy balanced diet and time, he has grown strong, knows his limits and doesn't over-exert himself beyond what his chest can manage.

Oz is smart and a bit of a cheeky determined adventurer with an open door policy, he likes to know what's going on, hates to miss out on the action and the chance to join in fun.
He is a natural entertainer, such a comical cat that randomly talks to himself, enjoys playing peek-a- boo in cat tunnels and is a great climber and chaser. He also loves to chill in his hammock or curled at your feet to watch cat TV or lay in a sunbeam and observe the birds outside.
Oz is an “If he fits, he sits” kind of cat, any bags or boxes left lying around must be tested for comfort and will be claimed if they meet his requirements.

Oz was born in DCH’s care and has just had his 1st birthday, he is a beautiful cat with a loving nature and playful spirit but sadly he has yet to find his forever home.
We hope that someone out there will see the beauty in this handsome tuxedo cat, and give him the loving forever home he deserves.

Oz loves his Raw Meow Mix for breakfast, lunch and dinner, a nutritious balanced raw diet gives him the best opportunity to continue growing healthy and strong and he is currently using pine wood cat litter. He has been raised as an indoor cat and so will need to go into an INDOOR ONLY home.

Video of younger OZ here:

If you have any questions or if you are interested in adopting please use "Send enquiry email" link below. You must over 18 years old and a permanent Australian resident to adopt an animal.

Oz has been raised as an indoor only cat and so will need to go into an INDOOR ONLY home.
The $150 adoption fee includes:

  • Microchipping
  • Worming/flea-treatment
  • Vaccination (3 of 3)
  • Desexing
  • Oz has been in foster care since 19 August 2022, for 1.3 years



    DSH - female - 1 year and 7 months

    Qiana is Desexed, Vaccinated and looking for a caring Forever Family that is happy to manage her needs.

    UPDATE 8th Oct 23: As I know her well, I have started taking Qiana for walks in my backyard on a harness... and she loves it! Being very confident, Qiana is doing really well with loud noises so far (traffic, mowers, choppers), and is very curious about everything. Most importantly though, she will give eye contact and come to me when I call her (still on leash, of course).

    Qiana (pronounced Keeyahna, and meaning soft and silky), suffered from severe cat flu as a kitten, when she first came into care at 4 months old. This tiny little kitten was so very sick and lethargic, but she had a big will to survive and fortunately, her condition improved and stabilised.

    As she was handled so much when sick, Qiana is confident and friendly around people. This tiny little kitty can also be quite chatty and makes a funny “M…ow” to get your attention!

    If she gets stressed or run down, Qiana's cat flu symptoms can reappear, and would then just be treated symptomatically. Although she can be sneezy and snuffly at times, Qiana’s condition has never transferred to other vaccinated foster kittens or resident cats.

      Cat Flu is not transferable to people or dogs.

    This gorgeous girl is so gentle and loving and will make a perfect companion for a caring person who is willing to look after her and manage her symptoms, as needed. All that has been required to date for ongoing symptom care, is eye cream for right eye & a course of Doxy (Doxycycline), every now and then (usually in Winter).

    Qiana's personality would suit any safe home with 1 or 2 people, or a busier family home with older children (over 10yrs). She is very interactive and will follow you around the house to be where the "action" is!

    Qiana always seems to be very keen to meet other cats/kittens, and she makes an effort to be friends - but she can also get jealous for your attention. Qiana is also friendly with our large Golden Retrievers. She is quite the social butterfly with animals!

    The reduced $125 adoption fee includes:

  • Microchipping,
  • Worming/flea-treatment,
  • Vaccination,
  • Desexing
  • So she lives her best and longest life, Qiana must also be an INDOOR ONLY cat, unless in a secure, enclosed catio/outdoor area. Please indicate if you are willing to do this in your email.

    Please use the "Send enquiry email" link below, if you have any questions or if you are interested in arranging a visit. PLEASE INCLUDE INFORMATION such as whether you own other pets, if you have a quieter or more chaotic household and any other relevant details.

    (PLEASE NOTE: I no longer respond to phone calls/messages from unknown mobiles)

    If you are renting, please ensure that you have approval for a cat BEFORE you lodge interest.

    You must be over 18 years old to adopt an animal, and, for a kitten, also be prepared to look after it for up to 20years! 😻

    Qiana has been in foster care since 07 September 2022, for 1.3 years



    Domestic Short Hair - female - 2 years and 4 months

    Fi is a major sweetheart who loves to be near you throughout the day and runs to the door to greet you when you come home. She has such an affectionate personality, and will be very keen to keep your feet warm sleeping on the bottom of your bed. She also loves to sit next to you on the kitchen stool whilst you eat and watch television. She equally loves alone time sunbathing and getting into mischief when the mood strikes.

    Fi is such a lovely companion who is best suited to a family that has experience with cats. She is desexed and fully vaccinated, and is not suited to live with other cats, dogs, or young children. She is fully litter trained and doesn’t sharpen her claws on furniture. She came into our care as a young mum with 5 kittens.

    Now her family are grown up and have found their homes, it's time for Fifi to be rewarded as an excellent mumma to find her own home too.

    Fiona is now available to meet and adopt in Crows Nest, Call Now!

    Fiona has been in foster care since 23 September 2022, for 1.2 years



    DSH - male - 1 year and 1 month

    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, get ready to meet the feline of your dreams!
    Marley, Marley, the boy of our dreams
    With a coat so soft, and a heart that gleams!
    He’s playful and lively, but also sweet and tender
    A cuddly ball of energy, with love to surrender.

    He's clever and cute, and oh so chatty
    And his enthusiasm for treats is oh so natty.
    He'll charm you with his stories, and his adoring stare And when he snuggles up with you, you'll know he truly cares.

    Marley is an adorable affectionate cat who loves snuggles and cuddles, an extra perk is his super soft coat which is perfect for snuggling up with on a cold winter's night. I mean super soft coat, irresistible to the touch type of soft.
    He is also incredibly playful and energetic, with a wild enthusiasm for chasing wand toys and a not-so-subtle love of treats!
    Sure, he may be a bit shy at first, but once you catch a glimpse of his adoring stare, you'll know he's a treasure worth waiting for, once he gets to know you, he's all in.

    He loves to trill and tell stories, while he hunts for you and his next adventure around the house.
    Marley seriously has such a fantastic personality; he is the perfect ratio of loving and playful.
    Overall, Marley is a wonderful cat who would make a fantastic addition to any family. Whether you are looking for a playful and energetic companion or a cuddly and affectionate lap cat, Marley has something to offer.

    He is currently using pine wood cat litter and thrives on a balanced diet of Raw Meow and Ziwi Peak, he has been raised as an indoor cat and so will need to go into an INDOOR ONLY home.

    The $160 adoption fee includes:

  • Microchipping
  • Worming/flea-treatment
  • Vaccination (3 of 3)
  • Desexing

  • Marley must also be an INDOOR ONLY cat.
    Please use the "Send enquiry email" link below, if you have any questions or if you are interested in adopting. You must be over 18 years old to adopt an animal.

    Marley has been in foster care since 09 December 2022, for 1 year

    Newton and Asimov (bonded brothers)

    Newton and Asimov (bonded brothers)

    Domestic Short Hair - male - 1 year

    Meet Newton & Asimov: The Dynamic Duo of Love and Adventure 🐾

    Newton and Asimov, are bonded brothers ready to steal your heart.

    Newton, is a fearless explorer with a curious attraction to water. He adores playtime but is equally devoted to being your snuggle buddy. With a heart full of affection, he's known for sweet kisses and independent antics. What makes him truly unique is his different coloured eyes, one blue and the other hazel.

    Asimov, Newton’s brother and partner-in-crime is an intelligent and angelically beautiful kitten with an uncanny ability to observe and learn. He quickly picks up on patterns in your behaviour and confidently meets your gaze as he approaches you. This affectionate little guy revels in cuddles, often lying on your lap like a baby.

    Both Newton and Asimov are remarkably comfortable with strangers and responded well to sharing their home with a dog that stayed for a while. Their strong bond is a testament to their playful and loving relationship.
    They've received their 1st kitten vaccinations, are microchipped, desexed, and regularly receive flea and worm treatments.

    If you're ready to open your heart and home to this inseparable pair, please reach out to their foster mum via call or text. Your life will be forever enriched by the love and companionship of Newton and Asimov. 🐾❤️

    Newton and Asimov (bonded brothers) has been in foster care since 27 February 2023, for 9 months



    Mastiff X - male - 9 years and 9 months

    Doug came into care with DCH after being found as a stray and taken to the local pound.

    Doug had a HUGE dangling tumor which had impacted his life up until he came to us and had it removed which improved his quality of life.

    Doug sits, shakes and has an amazing gentle personality, he is currently in a foster home with cats although he doesn't like them and will need a home with no other dogs or cats.

    Doug is a gentle boy and lives with a 5 year old which he enjoys, he loves to attend tea parties with teddies but also likes to follow his foster dad to the shed to work on the car. Doug needs a home where he will be included in the daily life of his family, he has alot of love to give in his senior years and deserves to be loved back.

    Doug is in care in the Hawkesbury Area 2756

    Sponsorship Required for Dougs surgery - Dougs tumour has now been successfully removed. His Vet costs have come to $663. If you can assist to sponsor some of these costs please click the donation links belowThank You to Rosita, Doug & Savourlife - thanks to your genorisity Doug's additional vet fees have now been fully sponsored

    Doug has been in foster care since 08 March 2023, for 9 months



    staffy - female - 3 years and 9 months

    Nala has come into care after being found in a park with her 7 puppies in a box. She is a sweet girl that has been easy going while in care and a great mum to her puppies. Nala will sit for a treat when asked and has been an easy going girl to have around.

    Nala loves going for walks, she doesn't pull on the lead and would be suited to someone who is retired, who would love a devoted companion and can spend lots of time with her

    Nala loves toys and when called has to find a toy to bring to you. If you can give Nala the home she deserves full of love and happiness then please come and meet her.

    Nala has been in foster care since 28 March 2023, for 8 months

    Poppy AKA Poptart

    Poppy AKA Poptart

    DSH - female - 9 months and 1 weeks

    DIVINE DIVINE DIVINE ... I just don't know how else to describe her.

    Poppy is a beautiful little girl who likes nothing better than her evening snuggles on my lap while watching TV or if my lap is not available then snuggling one of the dogs suits her just fine.

    Poppy is very affectionate and loving and a real purr machine. This little girl is going to make some one a wonderful companion. If I didn't already have 3 cats she would not be going any where.

    Poppy loves her food and is litter trained.

    Poppy is already desexed and has had her first vaccination and is flea and worm treated and of course she is micro chipped.

    Poppy iis in care in the Granville area and I might add photos don't do her justice.

    Poppy AKA Poptart has been in foster care since 24 May 2023, for 6 months

    Imran (and Epponnee)

    Imran (and Epponnee)

    Dsh - male - 7 months and 1 weeks

    Imran (and Epponnee) found themselves abandoned, under a house, when a member of the public located and rescued them.
    Imran has since become a curious, playful cat. He loves to chase his teaser toys, lay in the windows, soaking up the sun or just spending time with Epponnee, grooming and cuddling together.
    Imran prefers it if Epponnee makes sure the coast is clear before he follows her and relies on her to make him feel safe. Due to this they're a bonded pair and are looking to find their home together.
    The siblings would do well in a calm home, perhaps with older children. They can be left alone during working hours - they'll sleep and relax whilst you work hard to bring home the kibble.

    Imran (and Epponnee) has been in foster care since 01 August 2023, for 4 months