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DSH - female - 8 months

Audrey: Named after the elegant Audrey Hepburn, she is a stunning beauty. With fabulous markings all over, perhaps she should have been called Leopard! Particularly as she is also bold, playful and active.

Audrey came into care from a Pound at 6 weeks old, and very quickly appreciated and adapted to her new surroundings. She has lived alongside numerous other foster cats and kittens, and happily played and snuggled with them all, so would make a great companion for other felines.

Of course, Audrey loves her humans too; an ultra affectionate and no fuss kitty. She’s not keen on being picked up, but instead will jump onto your lap and head butt and rub her face all over you while you pat her.

Audrey has been raised as an indoor-only kitten, so her new home needs to be indoor only too. Undemanding, she would be a loving companion for a couple, a single or a family in return for your loving care. Given her busy foster environment, though, she probably would be lonely if left alone for long periods.

Audrey is microchipped, vaccinated and de-sexed.

She is welcoming visits from possible furever families at her foster home in Hoxton Park. Please call or text her carer, Karen, to arrange a meet and greet.

Audrey has been in foster care since 24 November 2018, for 6 months



Domestic Short Hair - female - 1 year and 5 months

Meet the beautiful Amber. Amber's markings make her one of a kind, she is just so pretty. She celebrated her 1st birthday on New Year's day, having come into our care in December

Amber took a little while to get used to her new surroundings amongst the hustle and bustle of the festive season, but happily settled to her current foster home - and is s now very lovey towards her carer!

Amber will suit a home where her new owners are patient and allow her to come out of her shell over time. From there, all she will give is love! Amber has been around other cats and dogs in the foster care, and is happy with all of them.

Please contact Rod for further information, and to meet the lovely Amber at her foster home in Revesby.

Amber is microchipped and vaccinated, and her adoption fee includes de-sexing.

Amber has been in foster care since 11 December 2018, for 6 months



DSH - male - 8 months and 1 week

Heeeeey, hello? HELLOOO!

I'm Fergus! I am currently in care, looking for a home that will have me forever! I'm told I am a beautiful black kitty, although if you look closely, you'll see I have rather elegant stripes through my coat;my tail is also very special... I'd also like to point out that lus black cats are considered to be very lucky in many cultures.

I live happily with a German Shepherd doggie, other kitties, and a rabbit
.. and our human carers, of course. What more can you want in a multicultural pet!

I'm an inquisitive cat, I love to play and explore. I like dogs especially, I live with a GSD as well as a Frenchie and we sleep, play and snack together. I've learned to love snuggles and now I love being picked up and smooched! I purr pretty loudly for a little guy like me but my foster mum assures me that someone out there will adore it.

My vet work is up to date, I am desexed (WHAT THE HECK?!), I'm microchipped and have had my first vaccinations. They wormed me too and I've been flea treated, so I'm ready to come and live with you now!

Please contact my foster mum, Jasmin, for any questions and to arrange our meet and greet in her home in Ebenezer. Hopefully I'll meet you soon!

Fergus has been in foster care since 12 December 2018, for 6 months



Domestic Short hair - female - 2 years and 7 months

Beautiful Polly was found in the roof of a horse supply building together with her young kittens just before Christmas last year, and fortunately was surrendered to DCH to allow her to raise them in a safe environment.

Polly has proven to be a sweet and affectionate feline companion who loves spending time with her human family, and lives very happily alongside the resident dog .

Polly just demands you give her love and affection; she will great you at the door with plenty of rubs and purrs. She loves cuddles, and a good chat with her humans….. and, although now over two years old, she very proudly shows of her tricks!

After motherhood, she now wants to be spoilt and loved by her very own furever human family in return for her enduring love. She is an indoor/outdoor cat, but is always taken indoors at night so she can cuddle up.

Polly is microchipped, vaccinated and already de-sexed.

If you’d like to arrange to meet the lovely Polly at her foster home near Windsor, please contact her carer, Debbie.

Polly has been in foster care since 15 December 2018, for 6 months



Domestic Short Hair - female - 9 months and 4 weeks

Ivy was born in care to Polly.
Ivy has had a difficult start to life and has faced some obstacles.

She is a little free spirited and would be suited as an outside cat or a yard cat. She would like to be able to roam and explore and enjoy the outside world. Ideally Ivy and Rosebud should be rehomed together to keep each other company.

She has been vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and desexed.

Located near Windsor NSW.

Ivy has been in foster care since 15 December 2018, for 6 months



shd - female - 7 months and 2 weeks

Cookie is a pure white female kitten who came into care from the pound with another 8 kittens. She was raised with 4 mixed litters – at one stage a total of 13 kittens! - so she clearly would suit a home with other felines.

Cookie is a small boned cute little girl, but this doesn’t stop her playing with her boisterous feline family. She also loves to snuggle up and sleep with the others, and, when they let her, enjoys grooming them too.

Cookie loves her humans just as much; she can be a little shy with strangers to begin with, but ultra smoochie once she gets to know and trust you. Of course, she’s a smart Cookie, too. Even 100% litter trained right from the start.

Cookie is an indoor-only cat, which is particularly important for such a pure white kitty. Not fussy with her food and very quiet: all in all a perfect addition to a family – or anyone, really, provided she is loved and cuddled. Given her busy foster environment, though, she probably would be lonely if left alone for long periods. Of course, Cookie would make a great companion for other cats.

Cookie is microchipped, vaccinated and de-sexed.

If you’d like to arrange to meet this pretty girl at her Hoxton Park foster home, please contact her carer, Karen, on 0416 094 697.

Cookie has been in foster care since 29 December 2018, for 5 months



shd - male - 7 months and 2 weeks

Black cats bring you luck!
Diesel is an attractive, shiny black haired boy, although he is a really a red head in disguise - when basking in the sunlight ginger stripes shine through! He was rescued along with a ‘lucky dip’ of another 8 kittens which had found their way to the Pound. He now lives in a foster home with 10 kittens and gets along well with all of them.

He loves his fur friends to the extent he hugs and mothers the other cats in the house. Diesel can’t wait to join in with any pats going, and head butts humans and felines alike. In fact, he also rather likes to eat their food and use their litter box.

Diesel is ultra affectionate with people. Quite a character, he’s outgoing and vocal and, strangely, loves to play in water. Other quirks include drinking tea with a drop of milk – out of a mug, and that he sometimes forgets to put his tongue back in his mouth. He does,also, love his food.

Diesel would bring entertainment and joy to the family, single or couple who adopt him. He is an indoor-only kitty, and would no doubt love some feline company and maybe a dog too.

Diesel is microchipped, vaccinated and de-sexed.
He is welcoming visits from possible furever families at his foster home in Hoxton Park. Please call or text his carer, Karen, to arrange a meet and greet.

Diesel has been in foster care since 29 December 2018, for 5 months



Domestic Short Hair - female - 3 years and 5 months

Sage (mumma cat)- a beautiful natured cat with the best house manners.

She has been a lovely mum to all her kittens and even adopted Cheeto and Moscato into her 6 week old litter.

Its estimated she is at least 3 years but is very healthy

She does have a lump on her stomach, near the lower nipples. It has been vet assessed and samples taken. However nothing showed up only inflammation cells.

She is very underweight but surprisingly has put on 500g since being in care. It’s a slow process but we are getting there.

Will be Microchipped, vaccianated, wormed and desexed.

Please contact us for any further information or to arrange a meet and greet.

Sage has been in foster care since 12 January 2019, for 5 months

Bella and Jersey

Bella and Jersey

Smooth and Rough Collies - female - 13 years and 5 months

These two girls were originally adopted through DCH in 2006 and with great sadness, the owner is now surrendering the pair back to us due to health complications. Bella and Jersey 13yo bonded pair, rough and smooth collies
Bella and Jersey grew up together and share a very deep and special connection. They are very supportive of one another and a loving pair. They have different personalities that compliment each other. Both dogs are rather oblivious to other dogs, their socialising days are behind them. A "hello" sniff will suffice. They like bothering the cats, although, they'll never catch them! These two are very easy to look after as long as you give them love, attention and daily walks. They are smart and wise and a simple request will have them go to bed, finish their food or respect the house rules. They are house trained and will hold it until they are outside.
They have adapted really well and fast to their foster carer's home and never have been moody, upset nor unpleasant.

Jersey (the ginger one) is the most active of the 2. She loves going for walks (with or without Bella) and is particularly caring. She will come check on all family members to make sure they are ok and obviously, get cuddles. She is not a big eater but enjoys treats and sits on command. Very good on the lead and gentle. She will bury her head in your elbow and make funny happiness noises when joyful! The vet was impressed with her health and general state: she does not look her age! She might have issues seeing well in the dark and is cautious of dark places such as building entrances or underground passages - but who isn't!!!

Bella (the grey/white one) is in charge and her hip arthritis will not stop her chasing the cats! Although she has to take it easy and slow (very slow!), she loves going for short walks and rolling herself in the grass! She enjoys a good meal... and needs to pay attention to her waistline! Bella's condition does not affect her personality. She is a loving dog, enjoying retirement and giving all the love she has.

Bella and Jersey only want a little haven to enjoy their retirement together and be part of the family. Their adoption fee together is $250. If you'd like to meet these lovely old girls, please contact Jo on 0401 900 696‬.

Bella and Jersey has been in foster care since 23 January 2019, for 4 months



DSH - male - 5 months and 1 week

Lovely little Tigger has the best markings, stripes all down his body and his little tummy actually has a mix of spots and stripes! He has grown into such a lovely and friendly young boy, who loves a play but especially loves a cuddle. He meows when he would like more attention! And he is just beyond handsome. He LOVED his sister Ruby, and they sleep together always. As a result, Tigger would be best suited to a home that has another cat, as he really loves that company. In saying that, it isn't a deal breaker and if you're home and willing to give him plenty of loving, he will learn that the love comes from people too! Ruby has since been adopted - happy for her but scary for Tigger! - but within a day he now dotes on us now, and loves to have a cuddle and a play even more than he did before!

Tigger is desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, flea-treated and wormed, so is ready for adoption! For the coolest little man, give Gemma a call to come and meet him on 0435 939858.

Tigger has been in foster care since 28 February 2019, for 3 months