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Rehomed Dogs

The dogs listed below have now found permanent loving new homes.

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American Staffy X - female

After a long overdue stint in the pound Sasha has finally found the love and company of four foster carers, yes you read right! Cared for in a pet friendly unit block Sasha is walked mornings and evenings. Taken on day trips to Uni, where she basks in the sun or sits quietly in lecture rooms lapping up the attention and receiving pats and cuddles from all. Sasha has quickly acclimatized to her new carers, and has demonstrated protective behavior when in certain situations often in regards to males she doesn't know.With this in mind, when introduced in a neutral environment or in a coordinated manner, she has been more than comfortable. Sasha is good in the company of children given her gentle nature. She loves her play toys, travels well in the car and enjoys her food and treats however is not food driven. Sasha has a non destructive nature so is easily homed indoors for long periods of time, happy outside also, preferably both, sleeps in at night. She is most happy when in the company of friendly caring people.A favorite thing of hers to do is to sit in front of you, and then put her paw up just to touch you and if this doesn’t work, she drops and rolls and just looks so cute – you won’t be able to resist. She is gentle for her size and the perfect dog to have by your side. Not too good with small barky dogs or cats, however is interested in dogs of her own size if not overly dominate by nature. Loves her leash free runs and walks. Sasha is strong on the lead. We are working on this, walking her every day and we now make her sit before crossing the road. She is slowly getting there, but her nose gets in her way a bit – I can’t blame her at the moment with all the new smells she is experiencing in a new environment. She would need someone who is confident in their ability to keep her close and make sure she knows that when she is on the lead, she isn’t doing all the leading! We are looking for experienced dog owners. She is a kind and honest dog who laps up lots of love without demanding it. Sasha needs a strong personal bond with her new family. The security of knowing she has a valued place within a family unit and a fun filled future of happiness to look forward to with those she is destined to love and protect the most. Oh, I almost forgot, Sash is couch friendly!
Sasha is in care at Burwood Heights NSW. Contact : Gemma 0435939858
Gemma is happy to provide more photos or videos of Sasha if asked via text or mobile contact.

Sasha was adopted on 10 November 2017 after 1 month in foster care



poodle - male

Hi I’m Sua. I’ve been in Foster Care for a week now and will be for the next 2 months. I am recovering from some medical procedures which were incurred due to the sad reality of my previous owners neglect and abandonment. I was found dirty, very scared,sore and sad. I received the medical attention I needed from Liverpool Animal Shelter. The next day Fiona came and took me to her home. I now feel safe and am beginning to settle in to a new way of life slowly. I have put on weight and now am 7 kilo’s and just over 5 yrs old. I get anxious when meeting new people; I tend to bark at them for a while before slowly making their acquaintance. I am a small but brave boy with a big loving heart and hope to find a forever home with a person or family who will care for me and love me.
In the last week I have come out of my shell and am loving life.
The first time I went for a walk with my carer, I didn’t walk well on the lead, opting for her to carry me most of the distance. The second time she was less tolerant and I walked all the way only jumping up twice, however I completed the distance.
I want to play more now with my furry companions but my carer is still cautious as my jaw needed to be wired together due to an old accident. I was racing around the yard yesterday darting back and forth playing with my carer. I got excited and after awhile I wanted to be carried again.
I eat well and have graduated from eating sloppy mush to eating canned food mixed with homemade bone broth, twice a day. As long as it is not chunky I’ll be okay. I have dug out the other dogs hidden denta stix from the back yard but I can’t do much with them yet, however I will get better with my chewing though. I had 23 teeth removed.
I am bathed with a sensitive type of oatmeal shampoo, as my skin is pink and my mouth is bathed with a warm towel to get and of the dirt off from digging .
I have eye cream applied twice daily to my right eye and also cream applied under my chin until the wire in my jaw comes out in 7 weeks. Once this happens I should be more comfortable. My toe nails were neglected and now need to be trimmed bit by bit giving the quicks on each nail time to recede.
I am very affectionate and have a wide hugging capacity; my paws can reach around your neck.
I lick my paws at night sometimes, I can get a little anxious, but it’s not all the time. I like to snuggle on the lounge at night watching television with my head on my carer’s leg. I am in care with two other dogs and enjoy their company.
I used to cry at the back door each night after I was put to bed in the laundry, but I stopped that last night because I figured it didn’t do any good.
I’m slowly realizing that my life can now only get better from here. Never will I be abandoned or neglected again.
If you are interested in meeting Sua please contact Fiona on 0403320606

Sua was adopted on 10 November 2017 after 1 month in foster care



Rotti x - female

Missy has just been rescued from the pound where she'd run out of time. She is simply a delightful dog! Very loyal and very young for her age. She walks quietly on the lead when out for walks. Missy LOVES people and loves getting cuddles. She is very good to handle around food. Missy still has lots of life in her and she is such a gorgeous girl she deserves to find herself a forever home.

Missy was adopted on 06 November 2017 after 2 months in foster care



staffy X - female

Hi, my name is Molly! I am a beautiful, young, energetic Staffy X looking for new adventures with a fun filled,loving, active family or individual. I love treats, toys and the company of other dogs and I don’t mind to share my food during feeding time. I am a clever pup and very attentive to learning new tricks and commands, I walk well on the lead but I will need you to keep up with my training and socialization, as this will help improve my doggie etiquette which will also help me to bond with all I come into contact with. I can be a little excitable and jumpy when meeting new friends. I am a pretty affable girl and enjoy the company of all new friends, especially children. If you have another dog at home, please be sure to bring them in to meet me. I live in and out of my foster carer’s home and I am trying my best with toilet training as I sleep inside at night. I am on a mission to please you and to discover my full potential, though I am still a puppy I will respond well to training when given the time, love and patience. I am vaccinated, de-sexed, micro chipped, health check, wormed & flea treated. I am ready to go to a loving, fun filled happy home where I can become part of the family.

molly was adopted on 01 November 2017 after 1 month in foster care



Bull Arab - female

What a pleasure it is to be caring for this incredibly beautiful gentle giving girl. A true gem.Charlotte is relaxed and easy going in her nature. Fit, healthy and strong with such a pretty face. Well balanced, smart and well behaved 4 year old girl. She does have some cheeky habits which I am learning about. May take clothes off the line and may pull out shoes, towels if accessible. May chew cushions and soft toys if left around. Easily fixed, I don't leave anything out that may tempt her interest. I believe this anxious behaviour will change the more she settles in to her new loving forever home and feels secure. I have chewy toys, balls and big bones etc to keep her preoccupied will I'm out. She is full of caring affection and an absolute joy to have around. Charlotte gets on great with children and enjoys the company other dogs, walks great on the lead, but can pull at times if interested in sniffing. I have been trialing her off the lead and she walks close by not reacting to other dogs or cats. She needs her daily walks, weekly leash free runs and playful times, enjoys to swim too. Really good on the recall and plays fetch with almost anything, loves the small soccer ball she has which is chewy and fun. She is gentle and well mannered, her size is a medium build and her markings beautifully unique. Charlotte is a strong dog. She loves her food and eats a lot, loves treats, is fed twice a day, not aggressive with her food around humans. She travels well in the car and love snuggles and cuddles and the couch and your bed. Easily listens if you ask her to jump off. An indoor and outdoor dog, sleeps in at night and completely toilet trained. Charlotte has come into DCH care from a very loving home, this is clear to see when you first meet her. The time and loving care that has been invested in this dog is incredible, we are really looking to settle her into the perfect permanent home. We are looking to re-home her to an active, loving family, ideally with another family dog which has a similar temperament to Charlotte for company, she loves company, playful caring children would keep her happy also. Charlotte need to become an integral part of the family. She will need a little time to adjust however has adjust quite quickly here at my home to her new surroundings and environment. Charlotte is such a very special girl, her loyalty is paramount. Charlotte is simply just a great dog!
Vaccinated, heartworm, mirochipped and de sexed. Charlotte is cared for by Traudy in Padstow NSW.

Charlotte was adopted on 29 October 2017 after 1 month in foster care



Jack Russell X - male

I am a 4 mth old mixed breed pup. My foster Mum doesn’t know my exact breed background however I look and act very much like a Jack Russell. I could also be mixed with a greyhound as I have a very slender body, however unfortunately I can’t tell them exactly what my parents were. My foster Mum thinks I am very handsome so she decided I could live with her until I find my own forever home and she didn’t want me to stay at the Pound where she first saw me.

I am still young so I have a lot of learning to do. I am a very friendly boy. I get on well with my foster mum, kids, their dog and cats although the cats are still getting used to how active I am.

I don’t think I have been on a lead before as when my foster mum first put it on I didn’t know what to do so I sat down. I am still adjusting to being on the lead. I also try to chew it.

I like to sit on the couch next to my foster mum and get pats. At night I have been sleeping in a crate and I dont make a sound all night.

If you would like to meet me I am located in Glenmore Park. I will come microchipped, vaccinated, desexed and I have also been wormed and flea treated. I will be ready to leave for my new forever home after 27th October.

Kobi was adopted on 28 October 2017 after 1 weeks in foster care



Pug - male

Panda is a gorgeous boy that was surrendered to us after his owner was moving and unable to take him. He is only just 18 months old, full of life, he's a very happy, bubbly boy.

He was never desexed nor toilet trained by his previous owner so he has been desexed now and we are working on the training. Panda is looking for a family that will continue his toilet training and have him inside with them.

He currently lives with 3 other dogs ( various sizes ) a cat and 2 children all of which he is great with.

If you can offer Panda a home please email us. Outside only homes will NOT be considered.

Email contact only.

Panda was adopted on 25 October 2017 after 4 days in foster care



Labrador x Staffy - male

Benson is an exuberant and very friendly 3 year old Lab/Staffy cross. He has been with the one family since a puppy, grown up around young children (including a baby) and is very loving and gentle.

House-trained, de-sexed, vaccinated, chipped and healthy, Benson loves to run and play with other dogs at the park - but he’s also very content to cuddle with his people of an evening. He currently sleeps inside at the foot of the bed and loves car rides, but could be more obedient on the leash when walking.

He has lived with an older cat (that suffered his playful sniffs with dignity) and he has happily spent weekends staying with friends dogs. Benson needs a home that can give him the regular exercise that he needs and deserves in order to be really happy, ideally with energetic children or another dog. Benson requires good fencing.

Benson is in urgent need of a new home as he is currently impounded at the Ku-ring-gai Pound.



Kelpie x - female

Bella is a Kelpie X female 2 years old. She is a very happy easy going dog who loves other dogs and people. She is well trained and comes when called. She settles into her new home very quickly. Bella is crate trained.

She loves a good run around the dog park. It is important for Bella that she has company so a home with another dog or a family where some is home most of the day is ideal. Bella is one lovely dog and she's ready and waiting to met your family.

Bella was adopted on 20 October 2017 after 2 weeks in foster care



Labrador Retreiver - female

Coco is a typical active, but obedient, labrador. She will sit and shake hands. She is good with children but has never lived with other dogs or cats. Has been used to socialising with other dogs on lead but may need some time to get to used to a new dog living with her.

Coco is looking for a loving, active family who want a friendly canine companion to join their family.

Coco was adopted on 09 October 2017 after 1 weeks in foster care