Rehomed Cats

The cats listed below have now found permanent loving new homes.

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DSH - male

Hi. I am the beautiful pure black boy, Sooty! I was born, along with my brother Lashes at my foster mum’s home.

I live inside at night but roam the back garden during the day where I love to go on adventures. I am a great mouser and also find moths and lizards very interesting to play with, although I’m not sure they are so keen….
I particularly enjoy being with my foster mum’s grandchildren, who give me lots of pats, and I get on very well with my canine companion. Oh, and the other foster cats and kitties.
I can be a little shy when I meet new people, but I am a fun guy once you get to know me. I’m told I would fit in well with any family, and I’d love to return your care with lots of love.

Sooty is microchipped, de-sexed and vaccinations are up to date.

Located in Glenorie



Domestic Short Hair - female

Karen is a beautiful and friendly cat who is looking for a new home.

She can be very talkative and likes attention.

She has come through the pound system and was adopted by someone and was unfortunately then surrendered to a vet clinic.
Karen is now back in foster care looking for a new indoor home.

Karen is looking for an indoor home.

She has received all 3 vaccinations and is desexed and is ready to find her permanent home.

Located at North Ryde

Karen was adopted on 10 September 2019 after 3 days in foster care



Domestic Short Hair - female

O.J found her self surrendered at a vet clinic with her kittens and no home.
She has been living at a clinic for a few months. Her kittens all found homes but O.J has been waiting patiently for the right home for her.

She Is a beautiful cat and loves company and attention.
She loves to play and is very smoochy once she knows you.
O.J would like a home where she can be an indoor cat and have lots of attention and love.

O.J enjoys playing with toys but does tend to damage them quickly.

O.J. is all up to date on her vaccinations, flea and worm treatment, she is microchipped and desexed .

OJ was adopted on 08 September 2019 after 3 weeks in foster care



Domestic Short Hair - female

Gracie is a sweet little lady who didn't have the greatest start to life. She started off the first year of her life on a chicken farm in a cat colony not knowing where her next meal might come from.

She is a lovely smoochie girl who loves a chin rub or head pat, so much so that sometimes she will start to drool and knead at the ground.

She will best suit a quiet home with a family that understands where she has come from and that she needs time to open up.

Gracie must go to an indoor only home. Being an ex-colony cat, she may have a tendency to wander.
She would ideally like a home with other indoor cats and dogs.
Gracie needs a quiet home. She may tolerate a family with older kids.
She will use her cat scratcher and likes a nice sunny spot to sunbake in. She also needs a good spot to hide when she is unsure.

She can be very wary of people and can take a while to warm up but once she does warm up to her human she becomes a smoochy love bug.
She does not like to be picked up but is slowly getting better with it.
She is litter trained.
She takes tablets well when hidden in her meat.

When in a new environment she may take a few days to eat but will slowly come around.
She was 100% raw fed on Big dog and Prime 100 Barf cat food. But is being introduce to Ivory Coat Indoor cat biscuits.

Gracie is currently located at the PETstock Penrith Adoption Enclosure and is waiting to meet her new family at Petstock @ 9/72-82 Mulgoa Rd, Jamisontown NSW 2750

Gracie is microchipped, desexed, wormed, flea treated and is fully vaccinated.

Gracie was adopted on 06 September 2019 after 4 months in foster care

Jet & Boots

Jet & Boots

Domestic Short Hair - male

Jet & Boots came into foster care at approx 3 weeks of age after being found alone and in need of care. Jet & Boots has been raised as an indoor home with lost of love and handling while in care.

They love to play together and are a great bonded pair.

They are looking for an indoors only home where they can remain together and be the centre of attention.

They have had their 1st F3 vaccination Only.
They have been wormed and flea treated.
They are both desexed.

Located in Acacia Gardens.

Jet & Boots was adopted on 26 August 2019 after 2 months in foster care



British blue cross - male

Max is a beautiful sleek British Blue cross, now around 11 month’s old.

He is a laid back dude looking for the love of his life - perhaps a furever home with a resident cat, dog or rabbit, as he loves to groom and be groomed. Max’s grooming pals currently include a German Shepherd and a French Bulldog, as well as the bunny and other cats and kittens who share his home.

Max is a talker, and loves attention and lots of pats. Like many cats, he’s not keen on being picked up – and will tell you if he’s unhappy! He’s also very adept at communicating which type of food is his favourite.

Max has lived his life as an indoor cat, so is looking for an indoor only home. He is reliably litter trained, and can be left alone during the day with a furry friend for company. We believe he will quickly fit in with most family environments provided any children are of an age to respect feline boundaries. In return, he will reward you with ongoing entertainment and attention.

Max is already de-sexed, microchipped and vaccinated, and has been wormed and flea treated – so he is ready and waiting to find his permanent home.

If you'd like to meet this little rascal in his Ebenezer foster home, please contact his carer, Jasmin.

Max was adopted on 23 August 2019 after 4 months in foster care



Domestic Short Haired - male

Pancake, Maple (Syrup) and Juice are fun breakfast names given to this trio of delicious kittens! While at home with their foster carer, they are called 'kitties!' and 'puss-puss-puss!' as well as a bunch of sweet nothings, as they snuggle up for cuddles. So never-fear, you do not need to keep their name!

They have all grown up together after being found as strays, with no mum to care for them. All were bottlefed in care, and have grown up being exposed to different noises and smells, children and other cats.
They all use their litter trays, are used to eating a variety of can food, kibble and fresh chicken necks, chicken hearts and chicken wings (raw meaty bones are fantastic for their teeth!). They also have been flea treated, wormed, and have been bathed a few times as well as have had their claws trimmed.

Pancake himself is an adventurous, friendly and smoochy boy. He will follow you from room-to-room and look into what you're doing to see if it's interesting. He is turning into a lanky teenager and will grow up to be a friendly, well adjusted, purry young lad.

He is available for adoption to a home that either has someone home for parts of the day, or with an existing cat/pet, as he is likely to be very lonely when taken away from his litter mates.

Available to meet at Randwick, NSW.

Pancake was adopted on 22 August 2019 after 3 months in foster care



DSH - female

This lovely young girl is Tabitha. She is around 14 months old, and has spent most of that time just lapping up all the love she can get from her foster carer.

Tabitha is such a friendly girl, any attention she can get she will take, and so she would definitely suit a home where she will get plenty of that! She is currently in care with both dogs and other cats, and so it is likely that Tabitha would be absolutely fine in a home with other animals too.

Tabitha is all up to date on her vaccinations and flea and worm treatment, she is microchipped and desexed too - as such, she is totally ready for her forever home!

Please contact Rod, her foster carer, for more information on this friendly friendly girl.

Tabitha was adopted on 13 August 2019 after 3 weeks in foster care



cat - male

Timon is a beautiful tabby boy, now nearly 5 months old. He has a cheeky personality, and is very playful.

Timon is extremely affectionate with people, and loooves cuddles and sleeping on available laps; he rewards you with a very loud purr. Unusually for a kitty, he even likes to be picked up and getting squished by his carer! He’s had lots of experience with children, and also happily follows his humans around to see what they are up to.

Timon was taken into care with his brother (who has recently found his furever home) and has lived with three resident cats which he loves to play with and pounce on. Since he enjoys the company of both people and felines, he would fit in with most family environments, rewarding his new folk with his cute and adorable affection. Timon has always been an indoor kitty, however, so his new home should be indoor only.

Timon is microchipped, up to date with his vaccinations, and already de-sexed, so he is ready to go to his new home.

He is now located in PETstock at Marsden Park, 9 Hollinsworth Road , where people are able to visit him (and other rescued kittens and cats) in the adoption enclosure. If you are interested in visiting Timon, you may just drop by or call PETstock on 8607 1120.

Timon was adopted on 13 August 2019 after 1 month in foster care



Domestic Short Hair - female

Ivy and her siblings, Indy, Isaac and Iggy have been fostered from Hawkesbury Pound and are a friendly and happy litter of kittens.

They are all microchipped, vaccinated, wormed and litter trained and although too little for desexing yet, this procedure is also covered in the adoption fee.

Ivy is very gentle and has no outdoor survival skills, so she should be an Indoor cat in her Forever Home.

Ivy is a little cutie with a funny croaky miaow and a love of cuddles. She enjoys playing in the cat tunnels and climbing the cat tower but will usually come running for a pat, purring as she arrives! Ivy is becoming quite confident with our two Golden Retrievers, so she might also suit a family with a friendly dog.

If you would like to meet Ivy or her siblings, please contact me to arrange a visit.

Ivy was adopted on 10 August 2019 after 5 days in foster care