Rehomed Animals

The animals listed below have now found permanent loving new homes.

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DSH - male

Manny came into DCH’s care at around 10 days old with his siblings and has grown into a beautiful boy, he is an affectionate, funny, charismatic, and sweet sociable kitten.
When he wants some human love or attention, he will reach up to be picked up for a cuddle or he will plonk himself on your lap for a smooch and a massage.

Manny is happy around both humans and animals, he and his foster brothers play chase and climb all of the things. He is also fine with independent playtime; he is a fun playful little ball of fur who absolutely cannot go a day without jumping around after the wand toy or playing soccer with anything that rolls.

When he and his brothers aren’t in the mood to give each other loving baths before sleepy snuggles, he likes to curl up in his snuggly furry cat bed and make biscuits (kneading). He also likes to go on adventures and explore every nook and cranny, including sneaking into open kitchen cupboards when given the chance, must watch out for that because he is quick and may have once gone unnoticed in a closed pantry for a minute or two. He wasn’t at all worried I still had to coax him out, I think he would have preferred for me to close the door again so he could continue getting up to mischief.

Manny loves his food too, as a growing kitten he needs to recharge often so he can continue zoomies and scoring soccer goals. He thoroughly enjoys his raw chicken neck every Thursday to help keep those teeth clean and because treats are fun.

Manny is currently using pine wood cat litter and loves his Raw Meow and ZiwiPeak meals.
Manny has been raised as an INDOOR ONLY cat and so will need to go into an INDOOR ONLY home.

The $225 adoption fee includes:

  • Microchipping
  • Worming/flea-treatment
  • Vaccination (3 of 3)
  • Desexing

  • Please use the "Send enquiry email" link below, if you have any questions or if you are interested in adopting. You must be over 18yrs old and an Australian citizen or Permanent Resident to adopt an animal from DCH.

    Manny was adopted on 12 May 2023 after 3 months in foster care

    Dombie Pumpkin

    Dombie Pumpkin

    Domestic short hair - male

    Dombie Pumpkin is a beautiful, sweet, chilled kitten who loves to cuddle and play with hoomans, cats and kittens.

    He came under DCH care with his 4 siblings at 10 days old and was bottle-fed by a DCH foster carer until he was able to eat solid food at 3 weeks old. He has thrived under DCH care, getting bigger and stronger, and has never been sick.

    Dombie loves to climb cat trees, play with balls and felt mice, and cuddle with hoomans or other cats at night. He is a snuggler.

    He eats dry and wet food, and is litter-trained. He has never gone to the toilet outside the litterbox and is used to pellet, clay and sand.

    If you are looking for a smoochy, low-maintenance kitten, Dombie is waiting to meet you.

    Dombie Pumpkin was adopted on 10 May 2023 after 1 month in foster care



    Domestic Medium Hair - female

    Foster Carer Required
    Pippi requires a new home or new foster carer as she has been in the DCH cattery for many months now and she is such a sweet girl it's not fair to see her miss out on human affection and family life for so long. If you can assist please read her description below and contact us if you think she would suit you.

    Pippi was dumped on the streets pregnant, obviously used to human kindness at some time in her life, but she has been on the streets for probably over a year and was quite scared when she first came into care.

    Once she trusts you she is very purry and LOVES pats and affection. She loves being patted so much that she'll roll around and gives you headbutts until she gets more. She will probably always be nervous with strangers and new things in her life, but she will be a normal, love bug to her special human (once she trusts you she'll give you little kisses on your nose)

    Pippi isn't a fussy eater and happily eats all types of dry, wet and raw foods. Given her age (she's not really interested in toys) and temperament she would suit (older) people who are calm and would just like a household companion to come up for pats a few times a day and who may well turn into a lap cat given time. Pippi is fine with other cats but she isn't very assertive with them so would suit a home with other friendly cats (but not a dominant one who may bully her).

    She would be suitable for a reasonable sized apartment.

    Pippi is looking for an understanding, calm home who are happy to give her 4- 6 weeks of settling in time to feel comfortable and get to know her new family. (extended trial period available).

    Pippi was adopted on 10 May 2023 after 5 months in foster care



    Staffy x - female

    Don’t let this sweet, sad face fool you. Elsa is so outgoing she outshines the other puppies in her litter
    After being found dumped in a box in a park, you would think that Elsa would be a bit shy however she loves people, loves to play and has a great outlook on life
    Elsa will be available for adoption in early May however enquiries are now being taken
    If you can provide Elsa with a loving home then please contact us

    Leia was adopted on 06 May 2023 after 2 weeks in foster care



    Staffy X - male

    Olaf is a sweet chunky boy with loads of personality. He was found dumped in a box in a park with his litter mates and he is now looking for his forever home
    He loves people, food and toys and wants to find his perfect family who he can love forever
    Olaf will be available for adoption at the beginning of May when all his vet work has been completed
    If you are looking for your new best friend then please contact us

    Ollie was adopted on 06 May 2023 after 2 weeks in foster care



    Staffy x - female

    Daisy was found dumped in a park with her litter mates and her mum
    After no one came forward to collect them, all puppies and mum were taken into DCH care
    Daisy is fun loving, outgoing and loves people. She loves to snuggle up in your lap but is also eager to play a game with her many toys
    Daisy will be available for adoption in early may once her vet work has been completed
    If you can give Daisy the perfect home thay she deserves then please contact us

    Daisy was adopted on 04 May 2023 after 2 weeks in foster care



    Staffy x - male

    Buzz is a sweet boy who was found with his mum, brothers and sisters dumped in a park
    He is extremely friendly, loves toys and his dinner
    Buzz is now looking for his forever home and would be great in a family environment
    If you can give Buzz his perfect home then please contact us
    Buzz will be available for adoption once his vet work has been completed

    Jed was adopted on 03 May 2023 after 2 weeks in foster care



    staffy x - female

    If you are after a dog with loads of personality and charisma and is a complete social butterfly then Minnie is the dog for you
    Minnie was found dumped in a box in a park with her litter mates and is now looking for her perfect home
    She is the smallest in the litter but her personality certainly makes up for her size
    Minnie will be available for adoption from the beginning of may once her vet work has been completed
    If you can give Minnie The perfect home then please contact us

    Minnie was adopted on 03 May 2023 after 2 weeks in foster care



    Domestic Short Hair - male

    Meet Nemo, the adorable rescue kitten looking for a loving forever home! Nemo was surrendered into our care as a baby at around 2 weeks of age, but he is ready to move on to his next adventure with a new family.

    Nemo is an inside-only kitten who is very active and loves to play. He has lots of energy to burn and enjoys exploring and climbing, so he would thrive in a home with lots of toys and opportunities to climb and play. Nemo is also very curious and loves to investigate his surroundings, so he would be a great addition to a family who enjoys having an inquisitive and active feline companion.

    He is a social kitten who loves attention and will make a great companion for someone who wants a furry friend to share their daily adventures with.

    Nemo is up-to-date on all his vaccinations, has been neutered, de-wormed and flea treated. He is litter box trained and is accustomed to eating a high-quality kitten food. For food, he eats Royal Canin Kitten dry food (stage 2) and Royal Canin Kitten instinctive wet food along with a mix of other foods.

    If you're interested in adding Nemo to your family, please get in touch with us to arrange a meet-and-greet. We are confident that once you meet this sweet and playful kitten, you'll fall in love with him just like we have!

    Located in Acacia Gardens.

    Nemo was adopted on 26 April 2023 after 6 months in foster care



    Domestic Short Hair - female

    Meet Victa and Vicky, the adorable bonded pair of rescue kittens looking for their forever home! These two have been through a lot together and are now seeking a loving family that will keep them together always.

    Victa and Vicky are used to lots of interaction and have been hand-raised on the bottle. They love to play together and will keep you entertained with their playful antics. Vicky can be a little shy at first, but she warms up quickly with some patience and love. Victa, on the other hand, is a confident little kitten who loves to explore and run around.

    They are 100% indoor kittens and have been desexed, microchipped, dewormed, and flea-treated. They have received their F3 vaccinations. They use Breeders Choice paper litter and eat Royal Canin Dry Kitten food, with a mixed variety of wet kitten food for dinner. They seem to enjoy the Paw and Spoon foods.

    Victa and Vicky are currently located at PETstock Macquarie Centre in the Adoption Enclosure and can be visited during store hours. They would love to meet you and find their forever home with a family that will love and care for them both. If you're interested in adopting Victa and Vicky, please come in and meet them today!

    NSW OLG Rehoming Organisation Number #R251000023

    Vicky was adopted on 26 April 2023 after 5 months in foster care