Success Stories

Below are some stories from people who've adopted a rescue pet from DCH Animal Adoptions.

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Mr D

Mr D

Just wanted to let you know that I really like my new home. I get to watch the fish tanks, sleep on the beds, play on the lawn and climb trees. The humans here love me lots and spend alot of time playing with me and giving me cuddles which I don't mind at all.

Thanks for everything you did for me and especially for my new family.............

Love Mr. D (now known as Whuz)


I left his halter on and the next day I came back to find that he had the halter over one ear. I pushed it back and left it on. This would happen every time I would go and see him. Well, I went riding with my usual crowd plus my neighbour, and after that I left his halter on. I came back the next day and his halter has gone! Wow, he has a great trick. I can't imagine how he gets it off. It was tight. Maybe he is trying to tell me something, I don't need no halter. So I think I will leave it off. Hehehe. We have great fun and he is getting some energy with all the grass in our paddock. He is a great height for me. When I did take him out for a ride with my neighbour, when we where coming home, he was getting a bit silly and wanted to trot down a slight sloping track. He was getting hard to slow and didn't want to walk, but I kept him at a walk. He was fighting and threw his head up and did a small rear. Nothing scary, but I got mum to walk him for a bit but he was still prancing around like a silly. So I hoped off and walked him down for a bit. When he had settled down I hoped back on and he was fine. I think maybe because it was getting dark, we were going home, and he wanted to lead and Andrea's horse was being pulley too. Plus he didn't want to walk. hehehe. But I don't think we know each other that well to go trotting down a sloped track at dusk. But otherwise he is good. The same sort of behaviour was put on when I wanted to walk him away from Narekesh the day before. But I persisted and made him walk two paces in my direction without stopping and fighting me, and then I turned him around and let him happily walk back to Narekesh and the gate. I know he is new, and probably wants to stay with the other horses, so I will give him a lot of choosing his own path, but I wasn't going to let him do that twirl and trot plus 5cm rear and let his think he can get away with it. He hasn't done it again, and walks away now. He likes it when I ride on a long rein, so I use it whenever I can. And he has such a lovely movement!! I can't wait till I take him to Pony Club in July. Yea!!

Anyway, here is a photo of him and me in the paddock, I was using Narekeshs halter because at the time Moloko had lost his own. So Narekesh doesn't want to show his face because he isn't dresses right. But he still wanted to be in the photo. :)

Well better go, Cathryn

Gary was adopted on 17/3/05 after 5 months in foster care.

Gershwin and Suzy

Gershwin and Suzy

Dear DCH, I am very happy in my new home; my people are very nice to me, only I wish that my new mum wouldn't wash me with a damp towelling mitten every morning. The rubbing bit is nice (especially on my belly) but it takes away my stink and I like my stink! I almost have two homes because the old man next door gives me biscuits and talks to me everyday and the lady cuddles me - they gave me a bed too and now I have my own room built under the house where I can hear when my people are waking up, and the birds and cats can't get my bones. (I get a bone at bed time every night!!)

My family give me lots of presents, I have my own daytime bed inside the house where I keep my toys (the rubber chicken is my favourite - it squeaks!). I also like to chase the yard broom, so now I have one all of my own - I can chew whenever I want. But of course it's more fun when someone is sweeping with it. Some of the dogs in our street seem very cross and they bark at me, but the little white three legged dog up the street is very nice and we play when ever I see him. Johnson is very nice too - he's also white and fluffy but I've only seen him once and I was a bit scared that time, because one of the cross dogs had been barking at me first. I've been in the car again and not to go to a smelly place where they stick sharp things in your skin (I hate that).We went to these other people and they cuddled me too and made a big fuss of me - I didn't really want to get back in the car to come home. Sometimes other people come to visit the house and they all make a big fuss of me and give me presents - yesterday people came with a puppy-person, and I let her share my bed. She let me hold one of her toys but when I grabbed it, it made a horrible kind of song and I didn't like that, so I dropped it again. That was ok because the puppy-person gave me a new toy I could keep - I've been shaking that all morning and now I'm tired. I'm getting a big boy now my tail doesn't touch the ground anymore (it seems to be shrinking a lot), I don't make any puddles inside the house ever (and I never made lumps by the way.) Thanks for taking such good care of me and teaching me such good manners - my new people think I'm very well behaved. Lots of love Gershwin (PS my new name is Buddy - because I'm everyone's little buddy - even the postman!)

Gershwin was adopted on 3/4/05 after a month and a half in foster care.

Diana and Camilla

Diana and Camilla

Hi Judith

My two lovely girls are doing very well. They have settled in so quickly it seems like they have been with me forever. They seem to like their new home and jump the back fence all the time to go exploring. I have even had the man down the back say that they were stealing his cats food! They love visitors and are so friendly and get to sleep on my bed every night. They are very spoiled but they deserve it as they give me so much joy

All in all they are the lights of my life

it is so nice to come home to them instead of an empty house. They are always there to greet me, even though it is mainly because they want their dinner!

Diana and Camilla were adopted on 20/5/05 after just over 1 year in foster care.